Happy 5th Birthday Gus!

Today Gus was a superstar. Although I couldn’t get him to canter on the lunge even with my whip, we had a great little ride in the arena and then we went on the most calm on the buckle hack around the property. I was shocked. Dandy was always good on trails but not like this! I didn’t have a minute of hesitation going anywhere. I see a lot of trails in our future.

I will try to get more interesting posts going forwards. I know there’s only so many times you all want to hear me gushing about what a superstar Gus was doing walk halt transitions.

wpid-20150423_120738.jpg wpid-20150423_120750.jpg


It is also Gus’s fifth birthday! Happy birthday Gus Gus! He now gets a few days off because we are headed to Rolex tomorrow. Woo hoo!


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