Great Ride Again!

Had another great ride today! I love that this is getting to be a common occurrence.

Sadly there was no trail ride as this nasty winter (yes, I did mean winter) storm is hanging over the mountains and valley. Luckily it’s only raining sporadically here so I was still able to ride. Even better, my new fancy sheepskin dressage pad came today so I got to use that and make Dandy look super fancy.

This pad, except for dressage length and not AP

We started out with a warm up and moved into collection at the trot. He was even better than our lesson the other day so I worked on changing the bend across the diagonal which took a lot of work and minor adjusting on my end! I think we had to do the same cross about 20 times before I could keep him collected through the whole change in rein. But I got it! Next we moved on to the canter and he was such a good boy! Dandy took the correct lead every time and we did each lead four or five times.

What I was really focusing on during this ride was my own posture. Not only working on my elbows, but also working on using more of my calves instead of pinching with my knees. I’m sure I still have a long way to go but I could see the difference (and feel it) while I was trotting. It definitely was helping with my posting, and I wasn’t posting so much from my toes as I have been. Boy am I going to be sore tomorrow though!