Guinness and His Celery

Not a whole lot has happened on the Dandy front lately. He’s still in full training but has been off for part of this week due to a cut on his leg (plus swelling) that he got from an accident we had while jumping last Sunday (see video below). Basically we just couldn’t stop arguing down the line and Dandy had his head so far up in the air that he couldn’t see the jump. He tried to swerve at the last second, I said no and did my best to execute an emergency dismount. It was semi successful but I did end up with a torn knee and my jeans full of sand.

It was sort of pretty up until that moment…

Anyway, we’re going to be doing a flat lesson next week and then hopefully a jumping lesson the following Saturday. I’m really excited about that because I haven’t been able to have a jumping lesson in forever! It’s really hard when you work until 5 and it’s dark by 6:30 as all you other working amateurs know. We do have lights in the indoor but there’s just not a whole lot of space.

But in puppy news, Guinness continues to be the oddest dog I have ever known. But he is beautiful and a sweetheart so I will forgive him his weird vegetarian sensibilities.

10 thoughts on “Guinness and His Celery

  1. He was kind of flipping you the bird. It actually looked like a pretty good emergency dismount to me! I never know when to try that… I just hope to cling on.

  2. Your dog is hilarious. My corgi made off with a brussel sprout last night. You never know.

    Glad you are ok and that the two of you are progressing. 🙂 JLE sounds great.

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