Gray Horse Problems

The problem with gray horses is that it takes a lot of work to keep them gray and not brown. This is especially hard when it starts warming up but it’s still raining on and off and the minute said gray horse is put out in pasture he rolls. Oh, and the wash rack is out of commission for repairs.

#grayhorseproblems¬†… story of my life.

Gus always comes in a mudball. Even when there is not rain and mud readily available. It’s half the reason I keep him clipped and blanketed. If he has a sheet on, at least the sheet gets dirty first and Gus stays semi reasonable.

It’s incredibly frustrating trying to take pictures though because even though you do your best job grooming before hand, there’s always that brown/yellow glow when you look closely or sometimes even not so closely. It doesn’t help when you’re dealing with winter yak hair as well. Everything just looks messy.

Somehow I manage though. In winter that means I just moan about how dirty my horse is all the time and in the summer it means at least a hose down after every ride. I really do hate having a brown gray horse!

But when shows and clinics come around, you better believe I’m not showing up with a brown horse (okay, expect for this time at Poplar but we are not mentioning that). Even for a simple one day or local clinic the blue shampoo comes out. It’s usually a two hour process to get Gus looking gray again but it is so worth it.