Gray Horse Problems Blog Hop: What I do Well

I could write you a list a mile long of all the horse related things that I can’t do well. For example, I suck at standing wraps and I am a terrible at currying (a big problem with a gray horse!). I really wish I could take a master class with the grooms that handle those big fancy hunter horses in Ocala. How they keep the horses that shiney… I swear its voodoo.

But you know what I’m really good at? Button braids.

JLE required that we braid for dressage and for stadium if there was a chance that we’d be in the ribbons but I always braided regardless because I actually like braiding. My very favorite time at a horse show is the early morning braiding sessions. I find it incredibly therapeutic to run my hands through a perfectly pulled mane (not on my skills list) and doing it up in little braids. I like the feeling of the wax thread and I love the way it all looks with a big old ribbon hanging from the bridle.

So my horse may not be the shiniest guy out there. His socks will probably be dusty (as will my boots) and there won’t be any fancy quarter marks.  But you better believe he will have beautiful button braids. I wouldn’t let him out any other way!

So what equestrian activity do you do really well? Leave me a link in the comments. 


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