Goodbye Ziva

We said goodbye to Ziva yesterday morning. Even with everything that has been going on between her and Harley, it was heart wrenching to see her drive away with my brother-in-law. I know he will give her a great home and a great life. In fact, she’ll probably be happier with him than she was with us but I miss her so much.

The house felt empty after she left. Even though I had been able to drag the toys back out and her crate was gone, well, so was Ziva. She wasn’t curled up on the bath mat waiting while I took a shower. She wasn’t chasing the bumble bees in the back yard. When I fed the dogs I only had two bowls. This morning there was no rumbled good morning bark.

Ziva is in a wonderful spot with a family that is going to love her dearly. My own dog, Harley, is already more relaxed than she’s been in three months. We were not looking to rehome Ziva but I know this is the best decision for everyone.

I love you Miss Z. Be a good girl for Nick and I will see you soon.


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