Good News

Well, it must have been partially that he was stuck in his stall over the weekend because I went out to check on Gus the other day and he was almost 100%! I had asked the barn to leave him in but there was a mix up and the BO took him out to his pasture in the morning. She felt awful but I was thrilled, if she didn’t notice any lameness (and she notices EVERYTHING!) then I was more than happy to leave him out.


I did bring him in to put more turpentine on his soles and to check out how he was doing on the lunge line. He was definitely not 100% but this was the normal tender-footed-because-I-just-took-shoes-off soreness, not the oh-my-god-my-horse-is-foundering freakout I was having over the weekend.

So he’s getting the week to just relax. I’ve been getting out to put more sole hardening turpentine on and check on him but I’m in no rush to get back on. Okay, I am because I really want to ride but if I want this barefoot thing to work, I have to give it time.