The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The weekend started off on the right foot.

Eric and I went to his work’s Christmas party and it was the one time I was able to get dressed up out here, which is always appreciated. I realized on our way to the event that I had forgotten my sweater. While I wasn’t worried about being cold, I was worried about wearing a sleeveless dress to a relatively fancy party. But it all turned out and I ended up receiving a ton of compliments. Not bad for a dress that I had to have Eric zip me into!

On Saturday I was determined to be productive. So Eric and I started cleaning the house. Although we only ended up sweeping and moping the floors and doing the kitchen (including cleaning out the fridge where the apple pie had spilled all over and finally wiping down the top of the fridge… eww!), I was very happy with what we had gotten done. We’re planning on having a few people over for dinner this week, including our trainer, and I wanted the house to look nice to hopefully offset the lack of a table.

We actually didn’t have time to do anything else because we were going to go out shooting with a friend and her retired marine boyfriend at noon. Shooting in Nevada, and with a marine, is a whole different kind of shooting then I’ve ever seen done in Minnesota. But I’ll get to that later. Because before we left, we got the worst news. The shipper is delayed.

Apparently when they had their trailer inspected they found a crack in one of the axels and decided to order a new one. Now, I’m glad they did because I don’t particularly want the trailer breaking down with Dandy on it. They were expecting to get the part a week ago but had just been informed that it wouldn’t be arriving until the 12th of December which would push back their departure date until the 19th! Which incidentally was the original time day they were supposed to pick Dandy up.

Now we don’t even have a time frame for picking up Dandy although I think it’s pretty clear that it’ll be after the new year. This will mean a new health certificate I suppose. It was quite a disappointment and we spent a good few hours trying to think up a way to get Dandy here on our own. It’s a shame really that neither of us has a vehicle that will pull a two-horse as I can find a bunch for around fifteen hundred on craigslist. In the long run, buying a trailer might have been a bit more expensive, but it would have meant we could get him now and we’d have a trailer in the future. Oh well, that’s not going to happen unfortunately.

We did have a good time out shooting at least. I didn’t shoot any of the guns because it’s just not something I’m interested in, but Eric had a blast with a couple pistols. At the end he even got to try the marine’s sniper rifle! Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of that one.


That evening we went to a fundraiser in Reno put together by the girl I work for. We had a good time and I think she even offered me a full position at the company. I’ll have to talk to her some more before I accept the job as a) it is a about an hour drive into the mountains for me, and that is a pain that I’m not sure my little Toyota Corolla can handle in the winter and b) I really can’t handle a job in sales. However, if they have administrative stuff or something along that lines for me, it might be worth considering.

Today the plan is to watch the Eagles game, clean the bathrooms and get a Christmas tree! I’m so excited for that one. I even pulled out all my “Pony for Christmas” ornaments and lined them up on the piano. Yes, I’m a huge dork.