It’s time.

Time to get my big goals on ink and paper (or the internet in this case!). I’ve talked about these goals and what I want to do for so long but they’ve always just been dreams and I don’t want them to be dreams anymore. Dreams don’t always come true. Dreams aren’t something you can work towards. Goals are something I can do, something I can measure. So I’m putting them out there so that I can hold myself accountable.

Most of my big goals have to do with showing. While I don’t care so much about showing because I want a blue ribbon (though I am an unabashed ribbon whore), I do care about showing because a) it’s a measurable goal and b) I like showing off my horse. Honestly, I just like showing! I love putting on my coat and stock tie. I love seeing Dandy all braided up and shining. I love completing a good round even if I don’t get a ribbon. It’s just satisfying.

  • Go to my first recognized dressage show
  • Get my USDF Bronze Medal  – Six scores of 60% or higher. Two at First Level, two at second level, and two at third level (from two different judges and two different rides).
  • Get a 60% + Score for a Freestyle
  • Go to my first recognized Horse Trial
  • Complete a Prelim event
  • Get my USEA Gold Medal at any of the Levels
  • Get my USEA Blue Ribbon Award