Giving Thanks

I’m thankful for a lot of things but this year, like most years lately, I feel incredibly thankful to have my wonderful fiancé Eric. He has been such a rock for me this past year with all the craziness of a huge move, leaving a wonderful job, and all my friends.

There’s a lot of reasons why I love him and am so thankful that he’s a part of my life but, since this is a horse blog, let’s talk about all the horse related things Eric has done for me this year.


He supported me every step of the way with my troubles with Dandy and held my hand when I said enough was enough.

He respected how much I love that horse and helped me work it out so that we could maintain partial ownership.

When we went to Dover and I found the perfect new show coat, he just handed over the credit card.

After he moved me to the opposite corner of the country, he let me use the money we got from selling shares in Dandy to buy a new horse. Even though I didn’t have a job yet.


He stayed up with me at a brand new barn until 1 in the morning while we waited for Gus to arrive.

And then he drove me home afterwards.

He’s come out with me at all hours of the day, early mornings and late in the evenings after work, just because I wanted pictures.

He doesn’t even blink anymore when I text him and say “I really need to purchase X Product for Gus because of Y.”

When I’m the one hemming and hawing over entering a show because of the money, he’s the one who says “Just enter! Don’t worry about it.”


And at said shows, even when I’m tense and snappy, he continues to hold my horse for me, fetch me water and just be a generally outstanding horse show husband who I don’t deserve.

So THANK YOU for everything Eric. I love you with all my heart and couldn’t imagine my life without you.

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  1. Hahaha! He is awesome! Can I borrow him to teach my husband the ‘credit card hand over’ technique? Mine just doesn’t seem to be learning that lovely trick…:/

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