Getting Ready

Gus’ first show is only a week away now and I am so excited. Even though this is just a little schooling show and is at our boarding barn and I don’t expect anything from Gus, it has been over a year since my last show. And I love showing. I of course got some of my fix being Dandy’s groom last year. I got to braid and get him all pretty… but it wasn’t me up there and that made me kind of sad.


I feel like this week is going to fly by and I’m going to have to be on my game to get everything done. So, schedule time!

Saturday 6/20
– Lesson with C at 9:00 am
Sunday 6/21
– Hack in the morning
Monday 6/22
– Off
Tuesday 6/23
– Dressage school in the morning
Wednesday 6/24
– Dressage school in the morning
Thursday 6/25
– Warm up, run through tests, hack in the morning
Friday 6/26
– Spa time (bath, clip bridle path, legs?)
– Bring home tack to clean
– Fix boot laces
– Pack for Show (remember braiding gear!)
Saturday 6/27

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