Getting Closer

to our move that is. That is my excuse over the next few days on why you haven’t been hearing from me much and why you might not for the next week or two. Moving is stressful! But this is all good and I’m going to enjoy being done with it.

Yesterday was such a busy day for Dandy and I. Truthfully I don’t think he was very happy about it. The day started with a super early training ride for the boy. 5:30 am! Poor Kristen. She had to get all of her rides/lessons done by 8:30 as she was going to pick up her new lesson horse. Dandy actually probably didn’t mind the earlier morning; it probably reminded him of the track.

Isn’t he just adorable? I really need to pick a day to clean his blankets. Maybe tomorrow?

Anyway, he got a few hours rest before the real torture began: his first dose of omeprazole. It’s a paste in a tube so I just gave it like wormer. Simple enough but I was not expecting it to be bright blue! It got all over my hand so I’m being a bit more careful now. I’ll take a picture of it soon so you can see what it looks like. It’s seriously the color of a Smurf.


Then it was off to the vet for a coggins, shots and teeth. Oh teeth. This was the third time since I bought him (just a bit over a year ago) but I think we’re finally at a good spot with them. He barely dropped any of his grain this morning. Yay! The vet, Dr. P was really impressed with Dandy and said he had nice tight legs. That is all thanks to Dandy’s limited racing career but I’m still glad to hear it.

The last thing I subjected Dandy to (still a little woozy from the drugs) was a brand inspection. I’ve never had to have one done before so I was worried it would be a huge process. But honestly, the longest part of it was waiting for the inspector to get back from lunch! I took Dandy out, the inspector wrote up a 5 word description, I handed over the money and BAM. Done. Huh.

“Mom. Mom. MOM! Pay attention to me!”

“Mom, don’t let the big horsey eat me”


So we are almost all prepared to move Dandy, though he won’t get trailered up until April. All that’s left is the health certificate!

I’m super excited tomorrow to drive up to Reno for the 4H tack sale. I’m not sure what I really need… but I’m sure my tack whore heart will fall in love with more than I need. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Getting Closer

  1. If you think 5:30 reminded him of the track you don’t know Bruce very well. Haha 6:30-7 would remind him more.

  2. Bright blue paste would be my downfall. The thrush medication I got for Simon is a spray and dark blue, and it gets alllllllllllllll over me.

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