Getting Better All the Time


Part of getting over my own fears (and getting Gus used to the idea that yes, we do go over brightly painted poles whenever they pop up), is for me to do a little bit of jumping every couple of rides. This might mean that I just go over a little jump halfway through my flat work and then go back to dressage, or it might mean that I do an actual jump school. Saturday was one a day for jump schooling.

Truthfully, I really need to get back to doing grids and gymnastics (as you’ll see in the third video) but it’s such a hassle to move all the jumps around that I usually work on whatever the lessons kids are doing. This week it was bending lines so that’s what we did.

I kept the jumps small mostly, but I did go over the BN size oxer a few times, and that’s the height I’m working on right now.

That was Gus’ first time seeing an oxer. EVERY single ride up to it he would get up to the perfect spot and than hesitate, before tossing himself over it. Ugh. I wish now that I had done it in a serious of jumps or else made it a smaller but a bit wider, but it is what it is now. It might never have been pretty but he never refused it, he always went over! At this point, I’ll take it.

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