Fruit Loops

Another reason I know it’s fall… the horses get a little coo coo for cocoa puffs.

Dandy was off his rocker stupid today. Seriously, the whole ride was just pointless. We started with a warm up in the jump field that actually went really well. I made him stretch and do some trotting. I even got a perfect walk-canter transition to the right. Then we moved into the arena and everything feel apart.

There was a fellow boarder in the arena having a lesson at the same time I was riding so I was staying at the far end of the arena. Anyway, the boarder was trying to get her horse to canter and the horse just kept doing a faster and faster trot. Dandy flipped. the. eff. out. I had to circle him around my knee to get him to listen and after that the rest of the ride was just pointless. It was all I could do to get him to calm down and focus at all. So we worked at the canter and I did my best to keep him from falling out and running through my leg. I’m pretty sure at one point Dandy was doing canter half passes across the diagonal rather than turning left.

Oh well. These days happen. Tomorrow will be better and I’ll get the video I was planning on today with hopefully minimal fruit loop behavior.