Freestyle Dressage

Among all the other things I’d someday love to do, my new goal is to someday do a freestyle dressage routine. Now, granted, this is a pretty big goal because not only does it mean I have to do all the things like choreographing and putting together music, I also have to do all the normal dressage stuff and I’ve got to score well at First Level in normal dressage to even be able to enter! So clearly, I’ve got a lot of work to do. Still, it’s always good to have goals, right?

Anyway, after watching freestyle videos all afternoon, I’ve decided that putting together a routine and music or even just putting music to one of the Intro Tests, would be a fun thing for me to work on while I’m training Dandy. I’m planning on doing a lot of dressage with him anyway, why not do something fun? Plus, I’m actually starting to get into dressage.

I want to start this right away, but I haven’t even gotten back up on Dandy since he’s gotten out here. That’s the plan for tomorrow or Friday. And when I do get back on him, I’ve got to get him moving. Then I need to record us so I can figure out Dandy’s BPMs for each gait. Only then do I get to do the fun part of putting music together. I’ve already got several ideas for musical arrangements. One is a Lord of the Rings theme, because that’s probably my all time favorite movie scores. My favorite idea though is an instrumental Beatles mash-up. I’m thinking of using Can’t Buy Me Love and All You Need is Love.