Free Jumping

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I certainly did. It was such a great thing to be able to spend the holidays with my family.

Currently Eric, Guinness and I are crammed into the car and are on our way home. We’ve crossed into Nevada so only a few hours left! This is not a drive I want to do on a regular basis.

Here is the promised post from when we free jumped Dandy. I didn’t care about the height so much as I wanted to see how he would handle the jumps. What I found out is that I don’t have to worry about it.

There are of course things that need to be worked on. Picking up his back feet is a major thing since he twice knocked down rails with them. Also, his take off and landing. I think if we can get him to take off in the right spot, it will help a lot with his scope.There will be a lot of grid work in our future, I think.

But he is willing and he never made the same mistake twice. For never having done any real jumping (a few cross rails with possible buyers aside), I’m happy with how he was looking.

And as a happy update, the shippers have left and will be picking him up on January 3rd or 4th. So excited to get him out here.