Free Jumping Take 2

I am LOVING this weather! I have no idea what the actual temperature is outside but I’ve got the windows open and it feels like it’s 80. With the little breeze it was absolutely perfect weather to be out at the barn.

I had every intention of actually riding but when I got out there I saw the jumps and I really just couldn’t resist. So I set up a chute and free jumped Dandy. He did so awesome. He went 4ft and still had room to spare. Had Eric been out with to help, I might have kept going but Dandy was being such a good boy that I stopped.

Dandy has a much better scope this time, though he still wants to take off long. There was no hesitation going over the jumps and once I adjusted to his stride length, he stopped nicking the second jump. I can’t wait to actually start working on jumping with him.

Afterwards I hosed off Dandy’s legs and took him and Guinness on a long walk. I love my boys.