Free Jumping

Now that Dandy actually sort of knows what he’s doing with a jump and he’s at a better place health wise, I asked Madchen to help me free jump him. We’re going to be doing a few sessions of it so that we can build him up properly and not just freak him out. Yesterday was the first time and we got to about 3’6″ easily. Once he figured out that there was a bucket of oats at the end of the run, Dandy was pretty eager to go through the shoot and even pulled out of my hand on occasion.

One of Madchen’s fellow students is a professional photographer and happened to be around and took a few pictures of Dandy. Hopefully once she posts them on FaceBook she’ll give me permission to share them with you. They were so fun!

Our next session with the free jumping will be on Tuesday. Can’t wait to see how high we get!

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