Forward and Over

Yesterday Gus was supposed to have a hack day so Eric came out with me to actually ride. But then I realized the XC field was finally open so I decided instead that I wanted to lunge Gus over some jumps first.

That went fine. No big deal really. There was one weird jump that Gus really didn’t want to go over at first but I was persistent and towards the end he was jumping it fine. So I told Eric to get up and go over some jumps, just to make sure Gus understood that he had to go over it when someone was on his back as well. Since Eric was just going to hack, he didn’t have any sort of crop or anything. This was bad because Gus decided that no, he didn’t really think he needed to jump over the little stacked log thing that he had just gone over on the lunge. Well, he did go over it, but it was messy and he had lost all forward motion.

I told Eric, “Make him go forward!”

So Eric did. He booted Gus just about into a gallop and flew down the field (no jumping), barely managed to stop before the fence and came galloping back. After that, Gus was much more willing to go to the base of the jumps though I still would have popped him with my spurs a few times.

Gus was a good boy and went over a bunch of little logs, little tires, and up and down a pretty good size bank! I am so proud of this little guy. I think he’s going to be an aggressive XC ride but nothing I can’t handle.

13 thoughts on “Forward and Over

  1. Aw, that video is SO CUTE. You can see his little brain whizzing a million miles a minute, but he’s such an honest dude!

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