Fly Bonnets for All the Days

There is one good thing about having a horse that is super sensitive to bugs, you have an excuse to purchase all the fly bonnets!


I was getting ready for a dressage lesson a few weeks ago right as it was starting to stay really nice and Gus was starting to freak out at the bugs when I realized that I didn’t really have any fly bonnets that were appropriate for “serious” lessons. I have my nice orange one (XC only) and my pretty blue sparkly one but they are both kind of bright for regular work. And of course I have a couple of cheapy other ones but who wants to use those?

I don’t.

So I bought three “plain” colored bonnets for every day work. And Gus looks FABULOUS.


He sweated through the grey one during our jump lesson the other day but it was worth using it because he was so much calmer. I’ve never met a horse more bothered by the bugs then him, it sucks sometimes. But at least I get an excuse to dress him up.

10 thoughts on “Fly Bonnets for All the Days

  1. I get the addiction. Henry hates wind, bugs, or rain in his ears so I have a whole arsenal of bonnets. Because why have one when you could have a dozen? Also just ordered one more. I don’t feel the need to explain or justify my actions.

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