First Solo Trail Ride

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Had a GREAT time at Aspen Farms yesterday. We ended up getting there early enough to see both some of the intermediate and the advanced riders go XC along with the Jr. Novice show jumping (which we hung around for because two of my fellow barnmates were in contention).

Missed the big rolltop because I was messing with my phone settings but this galloping picture of JLE is pretty cool regardless.

When we got home I went out to the barn to ride Dandy and ended up deciding to go on a trail ride. We did the same loop I was shown last time (though I was very nervous that I was taking wrong turns at several points!) and trotted probably 90% of the time because Dandy just would not calm down. Fine by me. We’ll just work on being forward and having nice soft hands and stretching into the bridle. There were several silly spooks were Dandy didn’t want to cross the paint on the road and jumped off a curb like it was a bank but overall it was very successful. We ran into cyclers, strollers, dogs and nothing phased him.

We went 6.2 miles and made it in an hour and a half. I also ended up singing shouting show tunes at the top of my lungs for the last half mile home to try and get Dandy to relax. Not sure if he just wanted to get back to his dinner or if he was offended by my lack of talent but we booked it.


4 thoughts on “First Solo Trail Ride

  1. Sounds like a great outing! Lots of fun things to watch and yay for your trainer and the other riders doing well!

    Glad you and Dandy had a great trail ride, even if he was jiggy haha! He was channeling Will Smiths, getting jiggy with it! lol

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