First NADAC Trial

While Dandy has been going back and forth between being amazing and being a green bean, Harley has been doing AMAZING in her agility training. We’re two weeks into our Pre-Novice class (the last class before you start going into the classes that prepare you to really trial) and we are having a blast running the whole novice course.

Harley is listening better, doing less ditzy runs, and really seems to be enjoying herself. Even her weaves are getting pretty good! She still needs a lot of work on her entrances but she can do the full 12 without me leading her with a treat. When she’s really on she can do it without me giving her a reminder guide.

Our training center teaches all the basics but mostly focuses on NADAC style and are hosting a trial the second weekend of September. Since NADAC just recently added an Intro Division (only 6-10 obstacles, no object discrimination, no weaves), our trainer thinks it would be a great time to get Harley out there and see what she’s going to be like at in a trial situation.

I’m super excited for this! I didn’t think we’d be able to trial for a lot longer because Harley is such a spaz. But if it’s just intro, I won’t feel so bad if we have a ditzy run and DQ.

Even better, our trainer, K, also thinks Guinness is far enough along to go as well. Should be a fun weekend.

9 thoughts on “First NADAC Trial

  1. Harley looks great! I have a Harley too who also does agility! Our first trial was ummm…. interesting to say the least. We pretty much either run clean and win or run around like crazy maniacs. I guess that is the mini aussie in him haha 🙂

  2. She is doing great! Excellent contacts! I did agility with my queensland heeler for about a year. We were just about ready to compete and some life changes put classes on hold. It was so fun and mentally stimulating for both of us. We recently picked up flyball, though, which is less time commitment and less money. I would love to get back to agility some day!

    1. Flyball always looks like it would be a blast. Is it hard to learn? I don’t know if Harley has enough ball drive for it.

      1. It’s pretty simple compared to agility I think. Just out and back over 4 jumps. The turn on the box is the hardest part. It definitely helps to be ball motivated, but some people play tug with their dogs when they bring the ball

  3. She’s great with the poles! That was always our weakest point. We only showed AKC, but it was totally a lot of fun 🙂

    1. Thanks! It definitely is not her favorite thing in the world but she’s starting to pick it up. She just doesn’t get the point. Why go through poles when she could run up and down the A Frame? 🙂

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