Finding Motivations and Plans

The past week or so has been packed full of fun things. I’ve been riding, working with the dogs, and hitting the job market hardcore. On that front things actually seem to be picking up as I’ve got an interview tomorrow. Here’s hoping that leads to more good things.

On the Dandy front, I think things are going really well. In our lesson last Thursday I felt for the first time what a nice soft, compacted, starting to collect canter is supposed to feel like and it was awesome! All I could say is “Oh, so *this* is what it’s supposed to be like.” It really makes me excited for the future because it is so nice. Dandy could only hold it for a few strides but that’ll get better. We have another lesson today.

Everyone from the barn has been at Inavale this past weekend so it’s been nice and quiet. I wish I could have gone but I didn’t have the funds to go down there for a whole weekend. Still, seeing the results is also adding to my picked up motivation. Although no one really came back with a ribbon they all did fantastic at dressage, which is Dandy and I’s weak point. It really speaks to JLE’s training that every student of hers (that I recognized) finished the dressage portion in the top 5.

The only thing that is left is getting Dandy and I over our show issues. The problem for me is that I go blank once he starts acting like that. I’m absolutely paralyzed by my fear. Dandy’s problem is that all the activity is just overwhelming. To help with that I found a local saddle club that hosts a bunch of different shows (in all sorts of divisions) and we’re going to be going to two of them a month: their western games show and their English/Western pleasure shows. I’m not even thinking about competing, I just want to go and pretend we’re going to show and teach Dandy that it’s not that big of a deal. The first one is this Saturday. We’ve got a few things to do before though, like pull manes… my favorite activity.

3 thoughts on “Finding Motivations and Plans

  1. I was totally going to say find some schooling shows, get all dressed up and pretend you are going to show- maybe even do a class or two. It will be really helpful for you both! 🙂

    Sounds like you found some stuff already. You got this girl!

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