I finally went out to see my boy and I am so happy with how he looks. Dandy is finally gaining weight and I’m totally of the belief that it’s because of the Nutra-Flex. It’s a milled flax seed that was recommended by my trimmer. Not only is he gaining weight, he’s also starting to shine up like a penny.

Didn’t ride today as I went over straight from work but I did groom him and give him lots of peppermints. I’ll let you guess which was his favorite. ­čÖé

So here is the update on his teeth. His whole mouth was floated again with special attention paid to his canine teeth. Apparently, Dandy has a baby tooth in his ┬ámouth still that never grew out because his grown up tooth never came in! I’ll have to take a picture cause it looks really funny. I can’t believe I’ve never noticed it before. At least he didn’t get a tooth pulled which is what I thought happened the first time. LG says that he is already going so much better. He is stretching into the bit at the trot and has started to work on cantering. She thinks Dandy’s training will go much faster now that his mouth is all fixed.

I forgot how much better I feel when I have a chance to go visit the pony face. This has to become a happen more often from now on, just to keep me sane! Right now the plan is to get out there tomorrow to watch his training and ride. Cross your fingers that it happens!