February Update

Oh boy am I sore! After working this morning I went out to the barn a little early to help our trainer, LG, empty a bunch of (aka, 23) railroad ties out of the truck. They were HEAVY. LG and I could barely get them out on our own. We put about seven in the field to be built into cross country jumps and the other 16 are all over the driveway because we got tired and had to get over to the arena for a lesson.

So on to February’s update:

I realize now that I didn’t get quite a square on photo but psh, this is just for my own records. He’s filling out nice and is probably back to his MN weight. There’s still a few ribs but we’ll get there! Hopefully in the March update. I can tell he’s getting a lot stronger because everything is getting just a little bit easier in the arena.

As for a goal update:

Halt: doing very very good. This is probably a B+. Still working on it but better than I was expecting

Standing still for mounting or dismounting: About the same as the halt. We worked on this a few times today and he was doing much better.

Bending and Flexion: A long way to go but getting there. The right side is getting on a whole lot better than his left, weirdly enough. I think by the end of February, I’ll be able to say that he has made good progress on this for his stage of training.

Transitions: Over all, awesome.
– Walk to trot: He’s got this one down.
– Walk to canter: Haven’t tried this yet.
– Trot to canter: Much, much better! Instead of his running into the canter, we’ve got it down to about two strides. I think the more muscle he has, the better this will get.
– Trot to walk: Slowing down? Dandy says he rocks at that.
– Canter to trot: See above. 🙂
– Canter to walk (this might be ambitious): I’ve tried this a few times but he still wants to trot. This might get put on hold until we’ve got some better control and muscle.

Leg yields: HAHAHAHAHAH. Yeah, that was a bit too ambitious. This is getting regulated to year end goals.

We had a very good training session today and I’m hoping tomorrow will be just as good. We even went over a little baby crossrail! However, I am still so chilled from being out in the cold so I’m going to go snuggle with the puppy and watch the Zags play.