Today is officially the first day of fall! My favorite time of the year because you get pretty leaves, Halloween, and apple cider.

Someone tell Georgia that!


Supposedly the temperature goes down too but the future is not looking promising.

Wonderful lesson last night that I’ll probably talk more about later. It was dressage and not anything ground breaking (and no pictures) so probably nothing I need to waste a whole post on. But, suffice it to say, new trainer, LT, is the bomb. She has already helped us so much.

On Saturday we are actually doing a ground work lesson. I used to do a lot of ground work with my horses and found it extremely valuable but I was self taught and just couldn’t get past a certain point so I kind of gave up. But Lauren does a lot of ground work with her horses and even taught her 1* horse to bow so that it would be easier to get on with no mounting block. That is a trick I need in my toolbox!

We are very quickly getting to October which is a busy month for me work wise. I work in human resources/benefits and October is our open enrollment month. Even with all of that, I am still hoping to get out XC schooling at Poplar and to a local hunter/jumper show. Gus is doing so well right now that I really don’t want to lose our momentum.

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