Fall Goals 2013

Since the show season is basically done (a few more one day HTs left but having just gotten a job and really wanting to do recognized next year I am trying to save some money) I think it’s time to sit down and figure out goals for the winter. For now Dandy is still in full training and if I can swing it, I want to up my number of lessons per week from one to two. This might not be able to happen until the show season is completely finished but we’ll work on it.

Fall Goals

  • At least one trail ride every week.
  • Continue to improve canter transitions so that they are prompt and accurate 90% of the time.
  • Get more lateral movement consistently in leg yields.
  • Work out twice besides lessons/rides.
  • Stretch every night.
  • Blog more than once a week…

I’m planning on a trail ride tomorrow, assuming the weather stays nice. It was supposed to be crazy storms here all day but we only had them in the morning so I’m afraid that we’ll get the rest tomorrow. Then Saturday I’m off to Aspen with the boy and pups to watch JLE take her youngster Advanced for the first time! Should be a great weekend.

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