Eye Infection

Dandy’s eye didn’t look any worse this morning, but it didn’t look any better either. I’m actually worried that the fly mask is irritating it so instead of putting it back on, I lathered up the surrounding eye in SWAT and left it off. Hopefully that helps!

I was planning on riding today but got out there and the cough flared up again so instead we worked in the round pen. This is just the third or fourth time that I’ve worked on free lunging with Dandy so there was a lot to do. He did not want to turn into me at all but by the end I was getting really really nice turns. Not as nice as Cinnamon’s… The other thing we still need to work on is the sending. Sometimes he gets confused and “forgets” what me pointing means. We’ll keep working on it.

In two weeks Krissie and I have a lesson with Madchen to finally do some jumping! I’m so excited but also very nervous. I’m hoping Eric won’t have to much to do (as it is Quarter Close) so he can come take pictures. Otherwise this site is going to get very wordy in the next few weeks.