I had a lesson that I really did not want to go to. Dandy has had the past two days off because I’ve just not been feeling it. The standard Seattle rain wasn’t helping the motivation to get off the couch. But I dragged myself out there.

Dandy was a pill. I could tell the minute I got on that he wasn’t feeling like working either. Guess that’s what happens when he gets an extra day off! He wasn’t doing anything worse while I was warming up then running through my aids until he randomly slammed on the breaks at X and went up. WTH horse? It wasn’t high and I didn’t feel scared, just annoyed.  I pushed him on and we continued without any other incident, thankfully. JLE was training a horse while I rode and her working student was also in the ring and Dandy was not happy about it. We’re discovering that he’s not really a fan of riding in tight quarters with other horses. Just another thing I’m going to have to deal with.

JLE helped me work through the crabbiness and it ended up being a pretty good lesson. It was the standard flat work stuff we’re working on: straightness, the spiral circle, maintaining contact when asking for a canter, collecting the canter. We had a few issues with Dandy not cantering so JLE actually had me just kick Dandy into a canter since he’s using the “not perfect” excuse to not work. He did NOT like that! I got an explosive transition and a very humped back but thankfully no buck. But the canter transition after that was much better. Dandy is slowing training me to allow him to run through my leg among other things. I’m going to have to be better at making sure I make myself clear.

I’m feeling a little more motivated after that lesson and talking with JLE afterwards. Hopefully that continues. I think I might do a few long trails this week to give us both a bit of a break. Maybe not tomorrow though as it’s supposed to be thunder stormy. 🙂

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  1. He’s certainly giving you a run for your money lately. I’m sorry, I know that’s frustrating. Good thing your training sounds excellent!

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