Expect More

So the good and the bad of having new trainer ride Gus Gus was that she learned all his little secrets… mainly that he is capable of doing a whole lot more than I am making him do. To be fair, part of this is because I just haven’t been in a consistent program and am not in as good of shape as I should be.┬áBut part of this is because there are still some lingering habits from Dandy where I certainly was not going to push for more.

Gus can do it. I need to expect more.


Our lesson on Tuesday was tough due to this. Absolutely no more giraffeing. Poor Gus Gus. That is his favorite move! But since he can hold contact in the bridle, we are now working on more even contact in the right rein (no matter the direction), which means he has to stop hanging on the left, and me using my core to dictate pace and tempo. We were both sweaty and tired at the end of it!

At least his botched plastic surgery attempt isn’t messing up our riding schedule! (It looks a lot deeper in this picture then it is.)


Someone decided he really wanted to be a unicorn. Good thing I’ve got such an awesome barn to immediately take care of it and let me know. One less thing to worry about when you’re a thousand miles away!

4 thoughts on “Expect More

  1. Sometimes I kinda love it when a trainer is like “ok time to stop coddling and get to work!” Sounds like he’s doing well with it tho!

  2. That’s what I need in a trainer, too. Get to work, expect more, but ask for it/demand it, don’t just expect it to happen without any input from me.

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