Exciting News for Dandy

I am trying to enjoy my last day of freedom for the foreseeable future by going to the barn and doing a bunch of errands that can’t really be classified as fun but are necessary. There is now a nice hamper in our bed room and I have a grocery list a mile long that I’m about to run out and buy. Then laundry. Go me.

At least I got to sleep in this morning, right?

Eric rode today in his new boots and it really seemed to help, though I won’t put words into Eric’s mouth. Eric might have also been a little out of riding shape but he and Dandy did well. Dandy got the correct lead the first time on both directions cantering and a few good steps of collection. Still need to work on that collection, however.

Guinness wasn’t really “behaving” so he got tied to the back back fence…

And a few from a  few weeks ago of Dandy and I working on collection and impulsion:

Anyway… the exciting news for Dandy is that, starting tomorrow, he is going into full time training for at least five weeks. With my new job, I’m not sure how much time I’m going to have and I need a few weeks to get into a schedule so at the very least, I’m not going to have enough time for Dandy or maybe anyone else. The good thing about getting the job, though, is that we have the money to actually put him into training. We are so excited that LG is going to really be able to get on him and do some real work. I’m not expecting miracles but I do know that my boy is both very intelligent and very willing so I’m sure that this is going to lead to good things. At the end of April we’ll evaluate again and see how I’m doing with the job and how Dandy is doing with training.

Hopefully, with him in training, I’ll be able to take a lesson once a week or so to keep up with him (and also to get some ride time!).

Someone who is not going to be happy about me getting a full time job is the pup. Poor Guinness! He is not going to be pleased to be locked in the hallway for a full work day. He will live though! Hopefully Eric and I will be able to get home in time most days to take him for a run in the field or even on the trail. Guinness is such a good puppy; I wish we could leave him free in the whole house.

But OH. MY. GOSH. Look how big his feet are!

And those are next to Dandy’s feet!