Equine Event Permit

I wanted to share this with you all but I got it back in the middle of our move, put it in the truck, and promptly forgot about it. What is “this”? Well, it’s Gus’s Equine Event Permit!


Without having to do a new health certificate every 30 days, Gus can now travel to Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Kentucky, New York, Virginia, West Virginia, and Oklahoma (cause that’s random…). He should be able to move between Arkansas and Louisiana but they do not accept the digital photographs on the coggins so no dice there.

For me here in GA, it was basically free (besides paying the vet for coggins/health certificate/farm visit and the cost of a stamp to mail it in) and lasts for 6 months. But how nice is that? If I see a show or a clinic or anything just across the state boarder I can decide to go without worrying about it. I sadly haven’t had the chance to use it yet with all the  moving and the wedding but we’re now ready!

Does he look excited?

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