EquiFit #Winning

I’m sure I’m not the only one who enters every horse related contest they see on Facebook/social media with no hope that they’ll actually win. Right? I mean seriously, so many people enter those things. It’s very very unlikely that my name actually comes out on top.

Only this time it did! And it was an EquiFit contest!

I had completely forgotten I had even entered the contest so when an email came in last week telling me I had won, I had to go to the EquiFit Facebook page to even see what I was for. It was pretty cool to see my name up there.


I was so excited to see the package on my front porch! Sadly I didn’t get them before I went to the barn.

They are EquiFit’s new MultiTeq Boot. So far I am impressed. They are really soft on the inside. I also really like the big overflap that will go over the velcro. Should streamline the look.


I will of course do a big review of the boots once I am able to use them for a little while. Thank you EquiFit! I am so excited to have won.

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