Epic Trail Adventure

A few weeks ago, K and I were having a drink at GBs and she said, “Wouldn’t it be cool to ride the horses here?” And thus the plan of riding to the bar was born.

It would have been way too far to ride from the farm so we loaded the horses up and parked the trailer at K’s house. But since it was only eleven o’clock on a Sunday and way too early to go to the bar and drink, we decided to go up in the Sierra’s and take the long way around. I was very excited to do this at it would be my first trail in the mountains and only Dandy’s second trail ever.

We took our time tacking up the ponies; making sure we doused them in fly spray and put some protection on their legs. I had gotten K a set of blue polo wraps as a sort of welcome to the insanity of being a horse mom gift (she bought Henry, now named Klancie, last week) and so we had a quick lesson on putting them on. K did way better than me the first time I put on polo wraps!

And we may have had a few beers while we were waiting!

Then we were off!

As you can see in the pictures, both horses were completely relaxed for the ride. Dandy could have cared less that I was bushwacking him through sage brush, over logs and shaley ground. And this was just to get to the trail head!

Klancie checking out his new polos.

Once we got up on the trail, it quickly turned to a one at a time path. We switched off leading and both horses did an admirable job. What surprised me with both of these geldings is that they were completely willing to just meander and have a good time.

Personally, I think they both looked pretty snazzy in their complementary colors.

The one issue that Dandy and I had on the trail was the he continuously wanted to look up the mountain instead of where he was going. This wasn’t a huge issue except that he kept swinging to the outside of the trail and I thought for sure that we were going to slide down the mountain.

I have to give major props to Eric who decided to walk the entire three hour trail with us and take pictures. Not only did we get some epic photos, but he also kept an eye on Sapphire who was quite dead by the time we reached GB.

Though this isn’t the best picture of it, I loved this moment of Sapphire and Klancie getting to know each other.

There were so many switch backs on this trail that sometimes we cheated and skipped them entirely. Sometimes those results were better than others! The trail was a lot longer than we thought and there were a few times we had to stop and consult the map just to make sure we hadn’t missed the turn off. Luckily we didn’t!

Finally we made it to the GB. We had to walk along a moderately busy road into town but both ponies were so tired that they didn’t even stop and look. It’s nice to be riding in a town that’s horse friendly as well. Everyone in a car, truck and motorcycle slowed down and went around us politely. I really appreciated that.

Sadly I don’t have any pictures from the bar as Eric had already put away his camera. When K gets back in town I’ll have to get some from her.

We made it back to K’s house with no problem. K even got to gallop Klancie for the first time when we decided to open up on one of the long gravel roads.

Sapphire was EXHAUSTED.

So were the ponies but they were happy to have some hay and just be tied to the trailer.

The second part of the plan, after the trail and GB… wait, I guess the third part of the plan was to bbq at K’s house. We hung out for a while, drank some beer and talked about the ride. Right before we put the burgers on the grill, K and Eric decided they wanted to take the horses for a little bareback spin. Go have fun I told them, I was tired and just wanted to lay down in the grass.

Well, long story short. Both horses got loose at the same time and took off into the sage brush. Oh god.

Eric and I took off after them, and so did Sapphire. Sapphire who had been so so good with the horses on the trail today decided that chasing them was such a great idea. Luckily K was able to get her back and tied her to the trailer.

Eric and I followed them for twenty minutes as the two ponies trotted off down one of the county roads. Thank god they didn’t go down one more road which is actually busy. Eric did such a good job keeping up with them and staying between them and the main road so even if they tried to go down there, he could send them back up the mountain. Eventually, K caught up to me with the jeep and we managed to get a bit closer. I got out with the bucket of food to find Dandy and Klancie waiting patiently for me.

They trotted up to me and Dandy let out this huge sigh that said “What took you so long, Mom? I am lost.”

UGH! But we got them and Eric and K got their bareback ride… the whole mile back to K’s house.

Alls well that ends well! ¬†And I can’t wait until our next adventure!

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