Enjoying the Life

Gus went on his first trail ride yesterday and he handled it really well. I made it a mission to just keep it relaxed and to let us both enjoy it. There were moments that Gus certainly didn’t but he kept a good brain. He wasn’t very confident on the water crossings, but leg and a light tap with the crop convinced him to go on. Good baby. The only really scary moment was a huge bolder that had a lost shoe and pad sitting on the top. Very scary.


It was a good experience for both of us and I think really helped build confidence. The barn manager was shocked that I would take a green baby thoroughbred on the trail so soon but my thought is more, why not? Gus has not put a foot wrong in the arena and he’s supposed to be my event horse. I want to get out of the arena as quickly as possible to see if the good attitude would hold. Thankfully it did.

We’ll make a XC machine out of him yet!

19 thoughts on “Enjoying the Life

  1. what a good boy!! my mare always eyeballs the unnatural stuff on a trail – like manhole covers or graffiti, so maybe that’s why he eyed up the lost shoe? sounds like he kept his head all the same 🙂

    1. They’re so funny aren’t they? He also didn’t like a blue drainage pipe that had gotten slightly uncovered.

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