Engagement Photos

A few months ago, I started researching photographers down here to do our engagement photos. I was astounded with the price and the restrictions. I know photographers need to make money but YIKES!

And then I remembered that my future sister-in-law does portraits, and okay, they’re mostly newborns and toddlers… but still, they’re good! So we bought her a plane ticket down in exchange for her taking our engagement photos, including a session with the horse and the dogs at the barn.

I am THRILLED with the results. We got some great shots at the park on day one and then some great shots with the animals. None of the animals were behaving that day but you can’t really tell in the photos.


Trying to line everyone up here was a nightmare. Guinness is afraid of Gus’ head. Harley didn’t want to sit in line with Guinness and when I tried to move her into line she went passive aggressive limp. GRRRR.

IMG_4666 IMG_4641 IMG_4417

Gus says “MOM, my friends are having fun without me!”

IMG_4286 IMG_4153 5

And you can’t tell but Eric is yelling at Guinness to keep him walking next to us, I have a death grip on Gus’ reins… but Harley is GONE.

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  1. These are great. I want to bribe my photographer to take more pictures of the whole Fam once we move. I am gonna have to eat ramen for like a year though. 😂 Pics turned out great!

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