Dublin Cottons

In April of 2002, my mom took me to my very first MN Horse Expo. It was AWESOME. All the cool clinics, the breed demonstration, the horses, and the shopping. I had just gotten my very first saddle but it needed stirrup leathers and irons so my mom was awesome and bought me some. I still have the stirrup leathers on my current saddle. But the best thing my mom bought me was a pair of black Dublin Cotton Breaches. These have been, without a doubt, the very best pair of breeches I have ever owned. They were super soft, comfy, and the knee patches were just right.

Sadly, ten years later, they have finally gotten beyond patching and repairing.

And I finally threw them away. It was a very very horrible moment.

You see, no matter how hard I try I can’t find a brand that compares to them or the actual breeches (at least in my price range and in the US). Even the most expensive breeches I’ve put on, Irideon, just don’t compare. I mean, sure they’re great breeches but they’re the type I buy to show in, not to school in.

Whenever I would search for Dublin breeches, On Course breeches would come up so I thought that maybe they were from the same parent company or something. So when Dover had them for cheap during their spring sale I bought a couple of pairs. They were not like my Dublins. But still decent, so I kept the pairs that fit and sent back the pull-ons (which were SO TINY!).

And, as far as finding the perfect schooling breeches goes, my search continues. I still hope that I can someday find Dublin Cottons again.