Drive Time

We are back to night time riding! It still seems weird to have night be so early now but I suppose that’s life during winter time.

I will say that the drive is starting to get to me. I live only about 30 miles from the barn but it usually takes between 50 and 60 minutes due to backroads and low speed limits. This wasn’t a problem during the summer but now that it’s taking up most of my evening… I’m starting to dread it!

The good part is that leaving straight from work shaves off ten minutes. That’s something at least!

Still, I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to make this work. One of the girls asked me to ride her horse for her since she has swim practice but I just can’t. I don’t even have energy to ride the GusGus some days! Still, I love this barn so I’m sure I’ll figure something out.

Thankfully, Gus is back to 100% sound now that I put his front shoes back on. Not so thankfully, the cold has hit and I’ve got a “wild” guy on my hands now. To be fair, wild for Gus is really no big deal. He did get a little squirrelly the other night but it was crazy busy. Now if this rain can just stay away, I can start getting back into a normal schedule.

15 thoughts on “Drive Time

  1. Drive time was the main reason that I moved Sydney closer to home, though now that I know she has PSSM I would have had to move her anyway as that barn wouldn’t have suited her needs. My drive was 30-40 minutes, I can’t imagine driving an hour!

  2. That’s a long drive. My last barn with Houston was 25 miles but usually not more than 45 min and still killed me. Annie will now be 18 or so miles from me in Nashville and I’m hopeful that it won’t take more than 30 min fingers crossed. It’s hard fitting everything in after work!

  3. My drive is about 40-45 minutes with no traffic, but heading home in the evenings can take over an hour – despite the fact that I’m working AGAINST rush hour! The only advice I have is to ride at weird times. I work on call and don’t have set hours, so I almost always ride between 10AM and 3PM. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work if you have a 9-5. I don’t know about the job you have, but some workplaces will let you work something like 8-4 or 10-6, and that gives you a bit more of a buffer.

    Fair warning about winter in Atlanta: you think it won’t be bad. And it won’t be… until February and March, and then it’ll be unexpectedly freezing, with windchills/overnights in the teens and twenties, and all the roads will ice because it never stops raining, and people will forget how to drive.

  4. Long commutes are so hard. Last time I changed barns, I went from a 35-45 minute commute (and longer in traffic) to a 20 minute commute (25 with traffic). It’s made a huge difference in my day–that extra 45 minutes is fantastic breathing room. Lucky me. 🙂

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