Dressing for Fall

Fall is here! Officially, it’s been here for a while but I don’t consider it fall until it starts feeling that way, i.e. leaves changing, a crisp wind, frost and fuzzy horses. We haven’t quite gotten frost yet but a cold snap has definitely moved in. And Gus is definitely fuzzy! A clip is probably going to be happening soon.

I love fall though. It’s my favorite season anyway and definitely my favorite season for riding. But it means that I have to pull out fall clothes to ride in and you know what I found? I don’t really have any any more! I still have clothes for super cold riding (from growing up in MN and winters in Tahoe) and I have clothes for riding in the rain (hello Seattle!) but nothing that is fitting for now.

Off I went looking for clothes to keep me nice and toasty without spending a lot of money. I love all the Ariat fall choices but horse brands are always just so expensive. So where did I go? Why, Target of course!


Target have the best basics as far as t-shirts go. I picked up a few long sleeved t-shirts in neutral winter colors. And then I saw the sweaters! They were something I hadn’t seen before so I had to pick one up. It was so cute on!


The other place I go for cheap winter clothes, is Costco. It’s not my go to place because you can never count on finding anything specific. But whenever I go I keep my eye out and have found some real gems like these long underwear shirts. wpid-wp-1445197518976.jpg

And even cooler, an orange ombre vest! Score again. wpid-wp-1445197515886.jpg

The only unfortunate thing is that it’s not quite cold enough to wear it yet.

Any favorite places you all like to shop for cheap riding clothes?

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  1. That vest is perfect for you! Our trainer scored some nice black mid-weight jackets at Costco and a bunch of us are getting them monogrammed with our barn logo and names. The monogramming is going to be more $$$ than the $20 jacket!

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