Dreaming Big

Is it too early to start thinking about show plans for next year? I’m not talking about carving my show plan into stone here, cause, you know, horses… but I can start dreaming right? Good.

This will be the first year since I left Seattle that I will be getting ready for a season of recognized showing and I’m pretty excited. I’m incredibly lucky here in Area III that there are so many good one days that I’ve been able to use to prepare but it’s not the same. And even better I am preparing for a show season where I actually get to show my own horse! Miracles.


So all of that being said, I don’t know where we’re really headed next year besides Area III at BN. Exciting, I know. But I also want to be pushing myself and Gus so that next winter we can hit up some schooling shows at novice. I would also like to work towards qualifying for the AECs. Not sure if I actually want to go but I’d at least like to qualify.

As for locations, I’m sure I’ll hit up Poplar and Chatt. I’m not stoked to go to Full Gallop because you can’t bring dogs which is a pain in the ass for a family like mine (I mean, I suppose I could show by myself, but I would miss having the husband around for pictures moral support). For sure though I need to hit up River Glen to see Hillary and Annie though.

But I’m dreaming big and saving pennies now. Hopefully you’ll see us out there in a few months.

5 thoughts on “Dreaming Big

  1. If you get a chance and want to travel, you should check out the Florida Horse Park. It’s an awesome facility.

  2. ha it’s never too early to start thinking about what next year might hold!! (even if things end up turning out wildly different…. anticipation of good times is half the fun, right?)

  3. River Glen is such a fun show! I haven’t been to Poplar but I def plan to go to Chatt at some point. You should think about the KHP shows too. They normally have really good XC courses. More of a hike but could be worth it. 🙂

  4. Next year is all I’ve got right now so I don’t think it’s too early at all. I may need to spent some of my recovery time laying out some plans. Thanks for the idea! I’m glad you’re finally able to get Gus out to some USEA events. You’re right schooling just isn’t the same. I’m in the same boat that it feels like it’s been far too long since I’ve had the chance to get out there. Here’s to hoping next year is our year.

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