Dream Horse Studios

In early August of 2013, I saw a picture floating around on Facebook of these beautiful patent leather jumping boots by a small privately owned business. I clicked on the link and got my first experience of Dream Horse Studios. It seemed to me that their main product was custom brow bands but that the owner was starting to branch off into making boots. She already had a few lines but here newest idea were the patent leather boots I had seen: The Carnival Line.

It appears I wasn’t the only one who thought these boots were gorgeous and fun. While orange wasn’t in the original line up, there were several comments asking for the color, I lent my “like” to those comments and was thrilled when Dream Horse Studios responded back that she had found an orange that she liked and was adding it to the lineup. Having just gotten a great temp job that I was sure was going to lead to a full time position (it did) I wanted to reward myself and on August 8th, I ordered and paid for a set of horse sized Carnival boots in Fresh Squeezed Orange.

I eagerly waited the 6-8 weeks it was expected to take. In the meantime the saltwater blue sets were made and they came out looking gorgeous (though not a color I personally wanted). Eventually those 8 weeks were up and I had lost all ability to dispute the charge on PayPal. I wasn’t too worried though; Dream Horse Studios was still being active on their page and had just recently announced that the red boots were going into production.  But I still wanted to know when I was going to get the orange boots so on October 30th I sent the following message to Dream Horse Studios:


She was kind enough to respond back right away which made me feel a whole lot better about waiting.


So the weeks went on and there was no mention on her Facebook about the red color being sent out, or that green being started. I began to get worried again. On January 27th I posted on her wall and on the 12th of February I finally sent a PM asking for an update.


No response to either.

It has been over 6 months since I placed my original order and it appears now that Dream Horse Studios has fallen completely off the grid. At this point, I’m pretty sure I’ll never see those boots so on February 21st I sent one last PM asking if I could get my money refunded. The money is gone and has been for a while but it didn’t hurt to try… I was still hoping that Dream Horse Studios might try to make things right and that I could use that money to buy something else (like new XC boots for Dandy). Crickets answered me.


I hate writing bad reviews of businesses but I also don’t want them to do this to anyone else. If Dream Horse Studios wants to make this right, I will gladly recant my statement. All I want is either my money back of the boots I originally purchased.

Updated 3/2/14

Well, this post actually elicited a response from Dream Horse Studios that you can read below.  I also received a message on Facebook:



I responded that yes that was correct. Thanked her for willing to make things right and made this entire post private. I made an updated post here. Many of you told me I should have left this original post up as that wasn’t really a great excuse. You know, I agree that it wasn’t a great excuse but I was going to get my money back so I was willing to just let things go. However, Friday came and went and I didn’t get a refund.

So I sent another message asking if she was going to get around to processing that refund.


Is anyone surprised that I didn’t receive an answer?

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…

Update 3/5/14

After sharing this yet agin on FB I finally got a response and DID receive my refund. Thank you Dream Horse Studios for making it right.

Update 5/1/15

Just found out that this company has been rebranded as Birch Lane Saddlery. I hope she’s cleaned up her act… I don’t want anyone else to have to go through what I did.