Dogs at Play

Last weekend, since Dandy was out of commission with pneumonia, we took Harley to a dock diving practice. We weren’t sure if we should sign up for the beginner session or the jumper session so ended up going for beginners.

This was the wrong choice. When they said beginners they really meant beginners. Most of the dogs in this group weren’t even going off the dock yet!  Harley not only eagerly went off the dock, she was actually starting to “chase” the bumper. She even managed to catch it a few times. It was really cool to see her twist in the area and really start to get the point of the game. Now we’ll need to work on getting that upward pop so that Harley can get that nice big arch to her jump.

The only bad part about the practice was that it was a bit of a long wait between our times on the dock and Harley did not appreciate that. At the fair she couldn’t see the dock or the other dogs actually going in the water, here she could. And she was not happy. All Harley wanted to do was run down to the water and go after her toy. She would not be soothed. I felt bad for her but I was also annoyed that she wouldn’t stop crying.

On the Guinness front, we decided to enter him in an agility class at the same place we took Harley. We didn’t expect him to like it very much but figured it would be good for him. We were wrong again. He LOVED it! Granted, we didn’t get on any of the contact equipment (except the pause table) so this might change when he’s faced with the dog walk, but he was just so dang pleased with himself. Every time he did the exercise he would prance and look around like “did you all just see that? I’m awesome.”

What a goof ball.

2 thoughts on “Dogs at Play

  1. So cute! I played the first video and my Golden’s tail started wagging. Our Golden would be great at dock diving (or just tennis ball diving into our pool) and our Doberman is learning agility. She’s not quite focused on me enough to plunge into agility. She is still too stimulated by all the other goings-on in whatever surrounding we may be (a little bit like a spooky horse). Today I read on Anna Blake’s blog about horse agility! I never knew such a think existed. Fun videos. Happy weekend.

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