Dock Diving: Ruckers Dive Into Summer

A little late but I at least wanted to share the pictures of Harley at Rucker Dive Into Summer Dock Diving event!

Each time we got to a new event, Harley does better and better. In the PNW we didn’t have a place we could really practice. Not on a real Dock Diving dock. Occasionally we could practice on a dock into a lake but it’s not the same. So it’s a good thing that Harley just jumps! Apparently though, there are several places here in GA that have a pool and dock and Ruckers (which is a local pet store with three locations) actually owns their own regulation pool and has the contraption that teaches Extreme Vertical (which is something I think Harley would be really good at but have never been able to try).

But anyway, we did three waves. For the first wave, her first jump was a respectable but no where near great 15’3. Still, she always has so much fun that I didn’t worry about it. But when we got back up there for her second jump? 18’3!!! Omg. That’s way further than she’s ever gone before. Go Harley! It was enough to get her a second place in the Senior Division.

Gus_1-3 Gus_2-3

The second wave was nothing to write home about. It was a bit of a long wait for poor Harley and she expended so much energy just wanting to go back to the dock. When we finally got going, we jumped two jumps each 16’1. That was good enough for 10th… but to be fair there were way more dogs entered in that division.
Gus_3-3 Gus_4-3 Gus_5-3 Gus_6-3 Gus_7-3 Gus_8-3

Unfortunately, it was an even longer wait until the third round. I was about ready to call it quits but Harley just loves dock diving and she did not want to go. We ended up taking a nap in the car and came back ready to go.

So ready to go that she jumped 18’8! Way to go Harley! While that was only good enough for 4th in her wave, I am super excited for her.

Gus_9-3 Gus_10-2Apparently, Harley uses her body extremely well for dock diving. No one had ever told me this, but because she gets up so vertical with her body, it allows her to get further. They measure the jump at the base of the tail where it enters the water. So if the dog is all strung out, the nose might get further, but the actual jump will not be as good. Now, if only I could throw better (I got quite a bit of flak and helpful advice from people at the event).


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  1. That is so cool! I wish I could have done this with my Springer when he was younger. It was still such a new thing ten years ago.

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