Had my first ride at the new barn this morning and all I can say is that I am extremely glad that the only person around was the stable hand. It was a discouraging ride, to say the least.

Dandy alert in the barn.

Dandy was very alert while being tacked up and the beginning of the ride. I was expecting that and had no problem with that. I pushed him forward and just trotted until Dandy decided he could relax. We trotted. And trotted. And kept trotting. For about an hour! Dandy wasn’t to sure about the mirrors at the end of arena and that mystery horse that kept coming towards him *rolls eyes* but by the end he was checking himself out.

Eventually Dandy relaxed and we got some really nice work in. Our twenty meter circles began to look more like circles instead of weird half squares… the problem came when I was working on halt transitions from the trot. It was a combination of being too much that day and a confusion of aids but between asking for contact, backing, and halting I had fried Dandy’s brain and he had started rearing whenever I asked for a walk with some contact. While I managed to get him out of it, I didn’t return to backing and only asked for walk and halt transitions all the way around the arena.

I ended the ride on a good note but I am extremely disappointed in myself and very discouraged. I need help. I need some encouragement. Anyone have inspiring thoughts for me?