I’m willing to bet that I had one extremely unhappy horse on the 8th of March. Not only was that the day of the horse show (and we all know his feelings on horse shows!), the minute we got back to the barn he got to see the equine dentist. Poor Dandy.

They had to give him two rounds of sedatives because he just wouldn’t relax. And then something happened and blood was pouring out of his mouth. I just about had a panic attack when I saw it. That is not a normal part of getting teeth floated! But everyone at my barn was singing the praises of these dentists so I tried to wait calmly while they figured out what happened. Turns out Dandy bit his tongue and he was fine, tongues just bleed a lot!

dandy teeth

Dandy had a lot of work done. He had ramps on both sides and quite a lot of sharp edges. They want to see him again in six months, which is fine by me. Hopefully he’s feeling a lot better in the mouth now and will be more accepting of the contact. He left for Caber the next day though so I never got a chance to ride with the new teeth.