December Update

Very recently, there was a raccoon hanging around the barn that was acting unnatural. The police ended up coming out to shoot it, just to be safe, but it does raise a problem. The vet thinks it was probably infected with canine distemper because they have found several in the area infected from it so they decided not to have the raccoon tested. Every horse at the barn is required to have a rabies vaccine so they’re all safe regardless; except Dandy…

I don’t think we have to worry as the raccoon was not hanging anywhere near Dandy but getting him vaccinated was something we were planning on getting done anyway so it’s better to be safe than sorry! So tomorrow Dandy is getting shots and his teeth floated. He’s going to come to NV completely up to date on everything.

Poor D-Man. At least he has a nice dry shelter to hang out in now!

And for a Guinness update: he’s doing fantastic. He loves his new food and is even more normal than before. Seems like everything is passing fine and he’s going to be a-okay. Let’s just hope he doesn’t try to eat Christmas anymore.