December Goals

Somehow I missed November goals… I could have sworn I had done them! Maybe just in my head. 🙂


October Goals

Gus’ Goals:
1. Work on getting canter departs quiet – These are SO much better! If he’s worked up they can still be excited, however, 9 times out of 10 they are nice and relaxed. Especially to the right. 
2. One trail a week –
Close enough. I always hack after a ride. 
3. Work on rhythm and suppleness in all aspects of our riding –
Couldn’t do a lot of this while we didn’t have shoes on but now I feel like we are making progress. 
4. Do more poles and start grid and gymnastic exercises –
5. Lunge on a hill to build up stifle muscles – 
Didn’t get to this…

My Goals:
1. Get through first month of new job – Let’s not discuss the job. I think that’s better for everyone. 
2. Budget better – We were good until Black Friday and Cyber Monday came along. Luckily all Christmas gifts are purchased so I should be good through the end of the year. 
3. Work on being more quiet with my leg and more forgiving with my elbows, maybe lower my stirrups one more hole for flat work – I did lower the stirrups. I need to build up some strength in my legs so they stop swinging at the trot.


December Goals

Gus’ Goals:
1. Work on stretching his neck long and low
2. One trail a week 

3. Work on getting quiet transitions up and down

4. Do more poles and gymnastic works

5. Go off property

My Goals:
1. Continue applying for jobs and finding a better situation for myself

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