December 2016 Goals

This year is almost over and I have no idea where it went. While there were times when it was crawling, mostly I look back and wonder if I was even paying attention! I’d really like to end this year on a good note and feel like I accomplished something, plus, I’d really like to get a head start on my New Year’s Resolutions, so I’m going to start doing goals again.

This time, they’re more than just for me and Gus. I’m going to add house goals and even goals for the dogs. I realized last weekend that they are athletes as much as Gus and I so I should be working with them to accomplish goals too.


  • Work on ground work with help from New Trainer
  • Include more desensitizing to weekly rides (flags, tarps, gate opening, etc.)
  • Reestablish standing still at the mounting block
  • Work on getting forward “working trot” instead of up and down “pony trot” earlier in our rides



  • Work out three times a week on top of any riding
  • Get out to the barn at last three times a week


  • No goals for Guinness since he is Eric’s dog and I don’t have time to handle another project



  • Agility training four times a week (can include weekly class)
  • Learn “Look” cue
  • Establish contacts
  • Confirm six weaves from a straight on approach (onside and offside)


  • Continue to become part of the pack with 3x weekly walks and group focused play time
  • Find her high value treat
  • Introduce to one jumps
  • Introduce to six weaves
  • Go to the groomer


The House

  • Clean up junk in back yard
  • Move upstairs, involves:
    • Finish plaster on master bedroom closets
    • Paint closets in master bedroom, spare bedroom, and office
    • Second coat of paint in spare bedroom
    • Paint master bedroom
    • Finish floors in master bedroom
    • Finish floors in hallway
    • Paint crown molding in master bedroom, spare bedroom, and office
    • Paint windows in master bedroom, spare bedroom, and office
    • Put doors back on their hinges
  • Get ceilings painted in master bedroom, spare bedroom, office, and hallway
  • Get baseboards done through out upper level

Oh man, this feels like a LOT, especially with holidays and cold weather and short days. Guess I will just have to stay focused.

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