Dandy’s First Chiropractic Adjustment

Dandy met Dr. K yesterday, who is MM Stables’ go to chiropractor (for horses and humans). Unfortunately I couldn’t be there because I’m not in Minnesota and was skiing Heavenly that afternoon. Luckily, JD offered to watch after him for me and her mom helped out by taking lots and lots of photos!

So here is the what I know about Dandy’s appointment

  • Dr. K really likes the way he moves
  • He stood perfectly for her and didn’t care at all about the scary blocks (yay for teaching him to stand still while mounting!)
  • He was a ham for all his photos.
  • He is really locking up in his lower back and a little bit in his neck and hips. We will have to find someone to give him another adjustment after he ships out here.
  • When JD lunged him to the right (before the adjustment), he was awesome. Left, not so much. This is probably because he was locked up so badly. Hopefully he will get better.

I can’t wait for him to get out here! Everything is all set for that, I believe. Just waiting to get a better confirmation on days. Oh, we’ve also got to send Jolene money so she can pay the shippers. That might be important.

In other news, Eric and I spent the afternoon skiing at Heavenly. We weren’t sure we were going to be able to as the prediction for that morning was the mountain on wind hold. But the runs opened up and we luckily got a few good hours in. This was the first day that my boots weren’t hurting so I was really able to get going. I think I’ve finally got them broken in. That’s the hope anyway.

Later that night we bundled up, grabbed the beer (or coke and whiskey in my case) and went downtown to watch the Parade of Lights. It was a nice time, though Guinness was not a fan of the marching band.

JD and Dandy