Dandy has Arrived

I think it’s safe to say, that until Dandy was actually tucked safe away in his pen, nothing was going to go right on this ship. What with the delays, the snowstorms, the lack of communication and the semi-trailer that almost couldn’t get down the service road… well, I guess I’m lucky that Dandy made it all! We almost had to unload in the middle of a main road. Though I have to admit, I’m a little miffed that they gave my tack box to someone else. Thankfully nothing was in it except for a little bit of grain, shipping boots and an old tattered leather halter. If I never get it back, I’ll live.

Anyway, maybe at some point in the next week I’ll do a full on review of this shipping company but for now I’m just glad that Dandy is here in Nevada and seems none the worse for his five days in the trailer. After that trip, he’s lost a lot more weight than I’d like but we’ll get that taken care of. The important thing is that he came off the trailer alert and curious. It was so cute watching him get off  because he walked all the way down to the end of the ramp and then planted all four feet like he was standing on a pedestal. Then he took a little leap off and was like, “uh, are you sure this is where I’m supposed to be?”

(Oh and as a completely random side note, the fancy show horse that was being trailered with him had on this beautiful Rambo Newmarket Stable Sheet and OMG, WANT for all the shows we are someday going to go to. It was super light-weight and silky-soft to the touch. Plus, Dandy would look so cool in it.)

As you can see, he is incredibly skinny again. We’re going to start giving him some grain and weight gaining supplements but we want to give him a few days to get over his ship and make sure he doesn’t come down with Shipping Fever.

Dandy spent the first night in a little private pen. Today he was allowed to go out with the main heard after showing absolutely no interest in any of the other horses. Apparently one of the mares was trying to flirt with him but Dandy is obviously being loyal to his MN gals ;). But at night he’ll be back in the paddock for a little white.

Eric and I went out to groom him this afternoon and take him for a walk. He was a good boy but needs to work on his riding horse manners. And he has a lot more energy then a horse who spent five days on a trailer should have! When I let him off in the pasture he rocketed away from me and actually ended up slipping in the mud. We checked him out and appears to be fine. Of course, he ruined the grooming he got but that’s what horses do best.

I am so so happy that Dandy is here!